What is a youth offer?

A local youth offer means providing access for young people to engage in particular support and life enriching activities provided by youth work which results in better lifetime outcomes for young people and promotes community cohesion. Young people spend 85% of their waking hours outside of their school and this means there is a nation wide need to invest in young people's personal and social development through community spaces. 


Is the youth offer free?

The activities listed on this website are a mixture of free and non-free activities. We are working on developing the local youth offer to include as many free activities for young people as possible. 


How old do I have to be to attend youth activities?

Each activity varies in terms of age ranges. Some youth activities include sessions for primary school aged children, whereas some youth clubs for example have split sessions depending on a young person's age. Primarily, most youth activities are available for young people aged up to the age of 18 years old (or up to 24 years old if you have special educational needs or a disability). 


I run a youth activity that is not listed on this website, how can I request my youth activity is shown here?

If you are part of an organisation or provider that runs youth activities within Telford and Wrekin, please contact us via email on youthoffer@telford.gov.uk and we can liaise with you to gather the information about your activity/provision and ways you can keep this information up to date.